Training Future Leaders in Cellular Therapy

The Duke Division of Hematological Malignancies and Cellular Therapy is committed to training future leaders in cellular therapy and related fields.

Fellowship Program

The division offers its resources to Duke's three-year training program in Hematology-Oncology, which currently provides clinical and laboratory training in hematology, medical oncology, and bone marrow transplantation to 21 fellows.

The program integrates education and state-of-the-art patient care to translate discoveries in the laboratory to new advances in treatment.

Additional program resources include the divisions of Medical Oncology and Hematology.

For more information, including how to apply, please visit our Hematology-Oncology Fellowship Web site.

Continuing Medical Education

Duke Hematological Malignancies and Cellular Therapy is involved in an array of continuing medical education (CME) courses and conferences, including the annual Duke Debates.

Learn more about our CME programs.


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